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Beyond our expectations, harvests were abundant during the months following the pilot project.

Very good crops of beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant have been obtained.

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Last quarter 2016

Unfortunately, the last quarter was a devastating time for the community garden.


Hurricane, abundant rain, floods took the garden down. All the lots were destroyed (view the photos in the slideshow).


It will take months of work to set up the community garden.


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Congratulations to all the participating members who made the community garden an unparalleled success!


At first, our community garden project started in 2015 as a pilot project .


In order to verify the feasibility of this project , several factors were taken into consideration during this period:


  • The location and security of the premises.

  • The quality of the cultivated land.

  • The water supply.

  • The choice of seeds.

  • Ease of access by participating members.

  • Climatic conditions.

  • Interest of members.

  • The 'harvest' objective achievable in the short term.



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The pilot project was successfully completed.

Therefore, the continuation of this project was made possible.

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