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Food distribution is one of the 2 components (components) of the food security program. Its aim is to partially overcome undernourishment by distributing sufficient food on a monthly basis to feed a family for a week.

This component is intended to be complementary to the community gardens of the food security program. We distribute food to families from underprivileged communities in the north of the Dominican Republic, located near the city of Sosua (24 km from Puerto Plata).

It was in 2014 that our organization started its first food distributions. At that time, our food distributions were offered sporadically to a few villages.

( See 'Historical portrait - Food distributions below ).

Anxious to respond more to the needs of disadvantaged families, our organization set up, at the end of 2015, a food distribution program which allows us to offer free food on a monthly basis.
Since that day, not only have we distributed 12/12 months but we have served a larger number of communities and beneficiaries, including an orphanage.

In the Dominican Republic, there is no such food program.

Our food security program is UNIQUE in the country.







  • Bella Vista / Cangrejo / Baraguana (38 families)

495 kilos of food distributed




  • Bella Vista / Cangrejo (49 families)

2,000 kilos of food




  • Bella Vista / Cangrejo / Villa Béthania / Collinas Marinas (85 families, 25 orphans)

4,500 kilos of food




  • Bella Vista / Cangrejo / Villa Béthania / Collinas Marinas / Arroyo Seco (107 families, 26 orphans)

3,000 kilos of food



  • Collinas Marinas / Arroyo Seco / Montellano / La Cienaga (61 families, 26 orphans)

3,200 kilos of food



  • Collinas Marinas / Arroyo Seco / Montellano / La Cienaga / Villa Esperanza
    (132 families, 26 orphans)

3,500 kilos of food


Thanks to the donations collected , our organization is able to offer this support to disadvantaged local communities.


Join us in fighting hunger and food insecurity by making a donation.





Thank you for your generosity !

Thank you for your donation!
Thank you for your donation!

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