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The community garden is one of two components (components) of the food security program. It aims to partially fill the under-nourishment of poor families thanks to the crops produced by the community garden.


The community garden also allows families to diversify their diet. This component is intended to be complementary to food distribution


Bella Vista Community Garden

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In the center of a village located in the north of the Dominican Republic, near Puerto Plata, our organization has made available to underprivileged families in Bella Vista, a land of culture where there is a community garden.


This garden, made up of more than 21 individual and community parcels of land , gives families from this disadvantaged community the opportunity to eat thanks to the cultivation of a variety of vegetables such as: tomato, cucumber, carrots, chilli , eggplant, beet, celery, onion, etc.

Petite semence deviendra grande

Little seed will become GREAT!

  • In order to allow families to cultivate these plots of land, our organization provided them free seeds, equipment and tools.

  • Among the participating families, a team of experienced gardening trainers was created . The team'role is to provide training and advice to families who are not familiar with the farming methods.

  • Also, the community garden is a good place for education . Participants learn about the varieties of vegetables available locally. They learn to grow in an environmentally friendly way.

The community garden is said to overflow from its physical location; that he is rooted in the community. It is a place where participants work in groups and learn together.


This strengthens the bonds of mutual help and exchanges among the participants


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Thank you for your donation!
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