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"GREEN" program



Recycling and reducing waste are practices that remain unknown in the Dominican Republic.

Faced with this reality, new environmental initiatives have been set up by our organization, namely:

  • Implementation of the " Green " program focused on recycling and reducing waste.

  • Raise awareness among our beneficiaries of the merits of protecting the environment .

  • Through information sessions , our beneficiaries are invited to:

    • Become familiar with these new practices.

    • To acquire knowledge on the subject.

    • At p articipate our "Green" program.







  • At the very beginning, light shopping bags (single-use plastic bags) were used to carry out our food distributions.

  • More than 4,000 plastic bags ended up in the garbage or in the wild.

  • Aware of the negative impacts on the environment , our organization was quick to implement environmental measures, such as:

  • The use of recyclable bags for the monthly distribution of foodstuffs instead of that of single-use plastic bags.


  • The lifespan of a recyclable bag is approximately 5 years. More than 20,000 plastic bags are saved during this same period.


  • The environment is doing better!



  • Our first food distributions offered cooking oil in small 500 ml plastic bottles.

  • Over 1,200 bottles of oil ended up in the garbage or in the wild.

  • Just like plastic bags, our organization was quick to implement environmental measures , such as:

  1. The distribution of large oil bottles of 1.78 L on a quarterly basis has replaced that of small oil bottles previously offered each month.

  2. The purchase of oil in very large format of 30 L by our organization allows us to serve the beneficiary institutions (e.g. orphanage) on a bi-annual basis.

  3. The very large format of 30 L oil allows us to fill while recycling plastic bottles
    of 2 L carbonated drinks
    offered on a quarterly basis to our beneficiary families.

  4. Over 900 small bottles of oil are saved each year.

We are proud of the achievements made to date in terms of environmental protection. We can now offer environmentally friendly food distributions.


Our goal is to constantly seek sustainable solutions to protect the environment.


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